Cray’s John Lee on How Cluster Competitions Launch Careers

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Over at the Student Cluster Blog, Dan Olds writes that Cray has become one of the biggest sponsors of cluster competitions.

In this video, John Lee, Cray’s VP of Cluster Solutions, explains how Student Cluster Competitions are paving the way for the next generation of supercomputing professionals.

We also discuss something I haven’t talked about before with anyone else – how students can best take advantage of this experience after the competition ends. What doors does their participation open? How they should best pursue positions in business, research, academia, or even with HPC vendors? In this interview, John Lee describes what Cray is looking for in new hires, and how SCC experience pays off for prospective job candidates in a wide variety of fields.”

The next Student Cluster Competition takes place at ISC’14 in Leipzig, starting June 23, 2014. Read the Full Story.