DreamHost Congratulates Inktank on Acquisition by Red Hat

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Ceph_Logo_Stacked_RGB_120411_faToday DreamHost announced its “heartfelt congratulations and virtual high-fives all around” to the Inktank team on their acquisition by Red Hat for $190MM in deal consideration and retention payments.

DreamHost was Inktank’s first customer, signing on for enterprise subscription services to support DreamHost’s object storage service, DreamObjects (which is, of course, powered by Ceph). DreamObjects was also the world’s first and largest public commercial deployment of Ceph when it went into beta in September 2013 and was released into GA in January 2013. Over ten thousand users have signed on as DreamObjects customers since its launch, and their usage levels continue to grow as more and more users realize the power of storing application data and personal backups in the cloud at industry-leading price points.Ceph has quickly risen to become the open source storage platform of choice for both public and private clouds, and it is quickly gaining popularity among users of the OpenStack framework.

In this video from SC12, Neil Levine from Inktank describes the company’s efforts to commercialize and support the Ceph open source file system. With high reliability and nearly unlimited scalability, Ceph has great potential for Big Data applications as well as an enabling technology for Exascale computing.

The acquisition of Inktank is expected to close on April 30, 2014. Read the Full Story.


  1. Sharan Kalwani says

    Interesting news. I think the price was a bargain for RH. Still Ceph has a bit of work cut out for it, despite it great potential.