GPU Acceleration Benefits for Applied CAE

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In this video from the HPCAC Swiss Conference 2014, Axel Koehler from Nvidia presents: GPU Acceleration Benefits for Applied CAE.

Current trends in HPC are advancing towards the use of GPUs to achieve speedups for linear algebra matrix operations common in applied CAE solvers. In recent years GPUs have been developed exclusively for computational tasks as massively-parallel co-processors to CPUs, and provide new HPC opportunities for industry applications of CAE software from commercial vendors such as ANSYS, SIMULA, MSC Software, Altair, and others. This presentation examines the HPC performance characteristics of CAE software, and the current state of GPU parallel solvers in commercial CAE that support product design in manufacturing industries. Case studies from industry will be presented that include HPC adoption of GPUs for production CAE and HPC technology and the benefits they provide. Rapid simulation from GPUs demonstrates the potential of a novel HPC technology that can transform current practices in engineering analysis and design optimization procedures.”

Download the Slides * See more talks at the HPCAC Swiss Conference Video Gallery.

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