High Performance Computing at CSCS

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In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Swiss Conference 2014, Thomas Schulthess from CSCS presents: High Performance Computing at CSCS.

Although “Piz Daint” has already been at CSCS for around a year, it was only thanks to an upgrade from twelve computer cabinets to twenty-­eight and a hybrid expansion with graphics processors (GPU), which were available in the autumn, that “Piz Daint” finally broke the petaflop barrier targeted by the strategy in October. It even reaches a theoretical peak performance of 7.8 petaflops. With around 3.2 billion computer operations (3.2 gigaflops) per watt, the combination of GPUs and conventional processors (CPUs) also makes “Piz Daint” one of the world’s most energy-­efficient supercomputers in the petaflop performance class.”

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