HPC Storage: Current Status and Future Directions

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In this video from the HPCAC Swiss Conference 2014, Torben Kling Petersen from Xyratex presents: HPC Storage: Current Status and Future Directions.

The technology utilized in the majority, if not all, of the world’s HPC storage solutions continues to demonstrate a fair amount of stability for many years now. Compared to frequent developments in CPUs and accelerators, disk and storage communication technologies as well as parallel file systems are not realizing the same rate of innovation (Moore’s Law). However, this is changing as a number of new new and interesting technologies and developments such as HAMR drives, hybrid disks, intelligent flash, and new communication protocols including 12 Gb/s SAS and PCI-E direct attach are becoming available in the industry. This presentation intends to explain these technological directions and explore what these techniques mean for HPC storage over the coming years.”

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