Why the Industry Needs More HPC Performance Tool Developers

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Dr. Ing. Bernd Mohr

Dr. Ing. Bernd Mohr

Over at the ISC Blog, Bernd Mohr writes that HPC programmers are still in demand thanks to the complexity of today’s hybrid supercomputers.

So, in reality programming HPC systems is still very complex and if you manage to create a correctly working program, it does not automatically mean you get a very efficiently working program. Luckily, there are still some groups out there dedicated to helping these “poor” application developers. They want to make their life easy by developing and providing techniques, procedures and software to analyze the performance of the parallel codes and to locate performance bottlenecks in them and their causes. Have I kindled your interest that you want to learn more about it? Luckily, there is a whole session (“Performance Measurement Tools”) on this topic at the upcoming International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig.

The following ISC’14 tutorials will also address this topic:

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