JICS to Collaborate with WARP Mechanics on Next-Gen Object Storage

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warpThis week the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences at ORNL announced a partnership with WARP Mechanics to study next generation object storage technologies for use in HPC environments.

The planned work focuses on studying performance characteristics, finding optimal use cases, defining best practices, evaluating software options, and conducting empirical testing of various storage systems. This partnership is expected to better position both JICS and WARP Mechanics to provide high-quality, open-source storage solutions for use by the national scientific and engineering communities.

Warp Mechanics has a mission to bring super computing technologies into broader IT markets. The company has also been a leader in bringing ZFS solutions to the HPC community.

In this video from LUG 2014, Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics presents: Practical Applications of Lustre/ZFS Hybrid Systems.

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