Managing GPUs by SLURM

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In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Swiss Conference 2014, Massimo Benini from CSCS presents: Managing GPUs by SLURM.

SLURM is an open-source workload manager designed for Linux clusters of all sizes. It provides workload management on many of the most powerful computers in the world and its design is very modular with dozens of optional plugins. This talk will present an overview of SLURM and an analysis of the Consumable Resource Allocation Plugin and its utilization in connection with GPUs.”

Download the Slides * See more talks at the HPCAC Swiss Conference Video Gallery.


  1. The embedded youtube video looks like it’s for a different talk, “Introduction to GPUs”, instead of the “Managing GPUs by SLURM”. Good information, even from the same event, but probably not the specific one you intended to embed here.