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MoabCon 2014 Fires Up Attendees

Trev Harmon

Trev Harmon

Over at the Adaptive Computing Blog, Trev Harmon writes the recent MoabCon event in Park City featured exciting talks, solving unimaginable problems, and gaining insight into how things work.

During the conference, we learned about the use of HPC and Moab in fields as diverse as satellite imagery processing and agriculture. Another live demo of Moab Task Manager was given showing the completing of 500,000 small tasks on 20 nodes in around 45 seconds. Several sessions were dedicated to outlining the exciting performance improvements that will be coming in the next releases of Moab and TORQUE.

Jason Bucholtz of DigitalGlobe presented a spectacular keynote

Jason Bucholtz of DigitalGlobe presented a spectacular keynote at MoabCon. The company is using Big Workflow to process satellite imagery as a service.

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