Moving Lustre Forward — What We’ve Learned and What’s Coming

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In this video from the Lustre User Group 2014, Brent Gorda from Intel presents: Moving Lustre Forward — What We’ve Learned and What’s Coming.

The latest Lustre-based solutions from Intel bring significant performance and capability enhancements to HPC clusters and enterprise organizations—from cloud to Big Data.

With the acquisition of Whamcloud, Intel now offers the following software through their High Performance Data Division:

  • Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software (Intel EE for Lustre Software): Lustre technology is used in some of the world’s largest commercial, university, research, and government environments. Tap into the power and scalability of Lustre—with simplified installation, configuration, and monitoring features.
  • Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre Software: Purpose-built for use with the dynamic computing resources available from Amazon* Web Services (AWS). The solution provides the fast, massively scalable storage software needed to accelerate performance, even on complex workloads. Learn more >
  • Intel HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software: Intel HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software combines the performance at large scale of Intel EE for Lustre with the productivity and security of Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software. Optimize the performance of MapReduce tasks, while delivering faster, more scalable, easier-to-manage storage.

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