Nvidia to Offer Full CUDA Support for OpenPOWER in 4Q2014

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Today Nvidia announced that the company will offer full CUDA support for OpenPOWER systems in 4Q2014. The announcement was made by Sumit Gupta as part of IBM’s OpenPOWER launch event, which offered the industry’s first look at POWER8 systems.

Nvidia is adding CUDA software support for GPUs with IBM POWER CPUs. IBM and Nvidia are demonstrating the first GPU accelerator framework for Java, showing an order of magnitude performance improvement on Hadoop Analytics applications compared to a CPU-only implementation.”

Gupta also announced that would offer to license the company’s NVLink technology to member companies of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

Read the Full Story or watch the POWER8 Launch Event in its entirety.

In related news, today Gilad Shainer of Mellanox announced plans to demo RDMA with a 10X throughput and latency improvement of Key Value Store applications next week at the Impact Conference in Las Vegas. These capabilities will be further accelerated with future exploitation of POWER8 capabilities.