OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group Releases I/O Characterization Report

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OpenSFS_EOFS_theme-banner_finalJust in time for LUG 2014, the OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group (BWG) has released its new I/O Characterization Report.

The OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group (BWG) was created with the intent of defining an I/O benchmark suite to satisfy the requirements of the scalable parallel file system users and facilities. The first step toward this end was identified as characterization of I/O workloads, from small- to very large-scale parallel file systems, deployed at various high-performance and parallel computing (HPC) facilities and institutions. The characterization will then drive the design of the I/O benchmarks that emulate these workloads.”


Derived from survey data from a host of Lustre installations, the report will pave the way for OpenSFS to develop a Lustre benchmark suite that should offer a level playing field for the various vendors. Bring it on!

Download the report (PDF) * Check out more Resources at OpenSFS