Rob Farber Launches TechEnablement Blog

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Rob Farber

Rob Farber

Industry Analyst Rob Farber has launched his new TechEnablement Blog. With in-depth features and tutorials on HPC topics, TechEnablement is designed to enable you to work with the latest technology.

According to Farber, TechEnablement study guides are designed to help students “learn to change the world” with supercomputing for the masses . The study guides cover:

  • CUDA
  • OpenACC
  • OpenCL
  • Intel Xeon Phi

Rob Farber has served as a scientist worldwide at the Irish Center for High-End Computing, U.S. national labs in Los Alamos, Berkeley, and the Pacific Northwest, and external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute. A co-founder of two successful start-ups and a consultant to Fortune 100 companies, his articles have appeared in Dr. Dobb’s Journal, The Code Project, and Scientific Computing, among others. He recently completed his book “CUDA Application Design and Development“, which is now available for purchase.

While Rob has just gotten started with this site, TechEnablement already looks to be a great resource.