RSC PetaStream Delivers 1.2 PFLOPS Per Rack with Xeon Phi

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RSC PetaStream_small_3Today Russian supercomputer vendor RSC Group announced record single-rack performance with their last RSC PetaStream ultra-high density system. Featuring direct liquid cooling and Intel Xeon Phi 7120D co-processors, Petastream delivers a computing density of 1.2 PFLOPS peak performance per rack.

Efficient access to computing is the foundation of innovation and discovery,” said Raj Hazra, Vice President Data Center Group and General Manager Technical Computing at Intel Corporation. “The coming era of computing will require efficiently deploying parallel software on energy-efficient, parallel hardware based on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. RSC’s PetaStream solution meets those requirements and allows customers to protect their software and hardware investments as they march towards the Exascale era.”

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