Andy Bechtolsheim Does it Again: EMC Acquires DSSD

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Andy Bechotolsheim

Andy Bechotolsheim

EMC has acquired DSSD, a stealth-mode startup known to be developing a chip that would improve the performance and reliability of flash memory for high performance computing, newer data analytics, and networking. DSSD was founded by ZFS-creators Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore and its chairman is Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim.

The prospects of what EMC and DSSD can achieve together are truly remarkable,” said Andy Bechtolsheim. “We ventured out to create a new storage tier for transactional and Big Data applications that have the highest performance I/O requirements. Working together with EMC, DSSD will deliver a new type of storage system with game-changing latency, IOPS and bandwidth characteristics while offering the operational efficiency of shared storage.”

Menlo Park-based DSSD will operate as a standalone unit within EMC’s Emerging Technology Products Division. According to the EMC press release, products based on the new DSSD rack-scale flash storage architecture are expected to be available in 2015 and will be optimized for:

  • In-memory databases (e.g. SAP HANA, GemFire, etc.)
  • Real-time analytics (e.g. risk management, fraud detection, high-frequency applications, Pivotal HD, etc.)
  • High-performance applications used by research and government agencies (e.g. genomics, facial recognition, climate analysis, etc.)


Read the Full Story or check out a rare slide deck from DSSD.


  1. Glenn Glazer says

    It’s pretty sad when all of this hyped up press goes to someone who’s only achievement is buying a company, instead of to the people who actually did the work that was worth buying.