Data Center Floor Space Utilization

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In a recent study of data center and supercomputing professionals, data center floor space utilization was a top concern. When asked about issues that ‘keep them up at night,’ the top concern was ‘running out of power.’ The second concern was’ running out of space.’

You would not be surprised to learn that liquid submersion cooling of your servers can save you money on power and cooling costs. Yet, you might be surprised when you read this paper and find that liquid cooling also provides greater efficiency in terms of data center floor space.

Data Center Utilization

When you look at a vertical server rack and compare it to a horizontal liquid submersion cooling rack, on the surface the vertical rack appears to take up less or space. However, liquid submersion cooling offers data center operators an opportunity to have a much higher server density. This allows you to reduce the overall number of server racks, or have more servers in your data center.

The other big consideration is the infrastructure required for cooling and handling air in a data center with vertical server racks. Once you start to add in all the space required for the CRAC’s, chillers and air handlers you find liquid cooling offers better utilization of the limited floor space in your data center.

Green Revolution cooling is a leader in liquid submersion cooling and has recently produced a white paper that offers some very good insights on the subject. The paper also shows you how to compare the floor space requirements for air chilled server racks to liquid submersion racks.

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