EIO: Collective I/O for Exascale I/O Intensive Applications

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e10In this video from LUG 2014, Sai Narasimhamurthy from Xyratex presents: Collective I/O for Exascale I/O Intensive Applications. As part of the ExascaleIO Working Group (formerly known as EIOW), Xyratex is working to architect an upper level I/O middleware system.

HPC IO problems for HPC have not been resolved so far and the future of exascale is full of uncertainties. The good news is that we have detected an appetite for change both in the storage and in the application community. In addition, a wilderness of new hardware will be arriving such as deeper hierarchies of storage devices, storage class memories, and large numbers of cores per node. This new hardware may both contribute parts of the solution but will also bring new issues to the forefront, requiring storage and application architects to revisit some ideas used so far.”


Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks at the LUG 2014 Video Gallery