Get Published: Seeking High Performance Parallelism Gems

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Are you a multicore programmer? Jim Jeffers and James Reinders from Intel are seeking contributions to their new book, High Performance Parallelism Gems – Successful Approaches for Multicore and Many-core Programming. Based on contributed chapters, the book will focus on practical techniques for Intel Xeon processor and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor parallel computing.

Each proposal will be considered to be a chapter in the book with each chapter author(s) acknowledged. Jim Jeffers and James Reinders will serve as the chief editors for the book, and will assist in preparing for publication, ensuring reasonable flow and consistency. Chapter submissions will be done in Microsoft Word unless other provisions are required. Code is required for each chapter, and plays an important part in fully communicating your programming techniques and helping others leverage your expertise. For this reason, preference will be given to submissions with code that can be downloaded, built and run in a straightforward manner. The focus is on best and practical methods to utilize parallelism for performance on both processors and coprocessors. While the math is important, please keep in mind the focus is on the computing gem so others may learn. We will publish a volume this year, and another in 2015.

Submissions are due by May 29, 2014 in order to be guaranteed for consideration for publication in the first (2014) volume. Submissions after that date will be considered for future books.

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