New A3CUBE Card Delivers PCIe over Standard Optical Cables

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a3cubeToday A3CUBE introduced the RONNIEE 2S Network Interface Card. Capable of transmitting four PCIe signals at 20Gb/s on standard Active Optical Cables, the device offers improved scalability and power efficiency over conventional solutions.

Historically, high speed data transfer over cable had too many physical limitations,” remarked Emilio Billi, CTO of A3CUBE. “With RONNIEE 2S, you can extend the real time connectivity between computation and I/O using only native PCIe protocol over standard optical cables.”

Developed in partnership with FCI, the RONNIEE 2S is a compact PCIe-based intelligent NIC designed to maximize application performance using a unique combination of hardware and software. RONNIEE 2S eliminates conventional communications bottlenecks and provides multiple channels with <1μ and fast direct remote I/O connections with nanoseconds level latency.

The RONNIEE 2S is a PCIe Network Interface Card with 80 Gb/s of aggregated bandwidth and four external Mini-SAS HD ports capable of running four PCIe x4 Gen 2 links (4 links x 20 Gb/s) over Mini-SAS HD cables. Connectivity options for the RONNIEE 2S include both copper and optical versions of the Mini-SAS HD cable. Connections up to 9m can be established over a standard AWG24 Mini-SAS HD copper cable. For longer lengths or for easier cable management, the RONNIEE 2S supports Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cables. With the support of FCI, A3CUBE procured state of the art optical cables of varying lengths that were necessary for successful field tests.

In this slidecast, Emilio Billi from A3 Cube presents an overview of the company’s new RONNIEE Express network architecture.