New Paradigms for HPC Energy Efficiency

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Natalie Bates

Natalie Bates

Over at Scientific Computing, Natalie Bates from the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group writes that the biggest impediments in creating energy-efficient HPC are the scaling limitations of silicon-based technologies.

Creating more energy-efficient HPC is a continuous improvement process that requires the right tools for measuring, taking action, checking the results and iterating in a virtuous cycle. This is true for the infrastructure as well as all levels of the system; from components through applications. We haven’t had to think about energy efficiency, nor have we had the tools to measure it. Once the right tools are in place, we can start wrapping our heads around what are the contributing factors to better efficiency, and from that we can start influencing hardware designs.

At ISC’14, Bates will chair a related session entitled, Breaking Paradigms to Meet the Power Challenges.

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