Podcast: Fabric Integration is Coming to Intel True Scale

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Joe Yaworski

Joe Yaworski

In this podcast, Joe Yaworski, Director of Marketing for Intel’s High Performance Fabric Operations discusses the continuing success of Intel’s True Scale Fabric and gives us a sneak peak at fabric integration coming to future products.

With Fabric Integration, you pick up five value vectors. One is an in increase in performance; so the closer you can drive the fabric to the CPU, the more things you can do to increase the overall performance of both the CPU, and the fabric together. Number two, you pick up density. Because now you’re not taking up any board space or PCIe slots and things like that. Number three, you pick up also the options for improved value, in terms of price per performance. Number four, you reduce power. And number five, by getting rid of things like the PCIe bus, you reduce componentry – which again reduces power – as well as improves reliability. So, performance, density, price-per performance, reliability, and power, are all improved by this integration.

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