SC14 Seeks Young Blood with HPC Interconnections Program

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SC14 is now accepting applications for their Interconnections program, which provides a welcoming entryway for attendees who may be new to the community or the conference.

SC14 Interconnections comprises three programs:

  • Broader Engagement seeks to increase the participation of individuals who have been traditionally under-represented in HPC. The Broader Engagement Program offers special activities to introduce, engage and support a diverse community in the conference and in HPC.
  • Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates introduces undergraduate students at the sophomore level and above to HPC research topics and techniques. The program introduces various aspects of HPC research at the SC14 Conference to increase awareness of research and career opportunities.
  • Student Volunteers help with the administration of the conference and have the opportunity to participate in student-oriented activities. In exchange for volunteering, students receive complimentary conference registration and meals.

Applications are due June 15, 2014. Questions should be directed to: