TACC’s STAR Scholars Program Offers Competitive Internships

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scholaroncomputerThe STAR Scholars Internship Program at TACC is recruiting its next round of students for the 2014-2015 academic year. Designed to help students add competitive skills to their resume, the program enables corporations such as BP and Chevron to sponsor students while TACC teaches them applicable skills. Often times, the students who train at TACC have the opportunity to become full-time employees at these international companies.

Corporations have many open positions requiring HPC expertise,” said TACC’s Industrial Programs Director Melyssa Fratkin. “TACC is working with industry to fill this gap, giving them a competitive edge for the 21st century economy.”

For the inaugural year of the program, TACC recruited four students from UT Austin with an interest in computational science. The students worked 10-20 hours a week on a research project during the academic year and received a small stipend for their efforts.

As a participant in the program, Madhav Gupta spent his winter break digesting documentation on compilers and the basics of HPC. He then began work on a computing tool to help researchers develop parallel coding programs to use advanced computing resources more effectively. The tool converts existing C or C++ code into more complex parallel variants (MPI, OpenMP and CUDA) that can run on supercomputers such as TACC’s Stampede.

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