It’s Time for Code Modernizaton: New RFP for Intel Parallel Compute Centers

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imgres Over at The Data Stack, Intel’s Bob Burroughs writes that today’s researchers seeking breakthroughs are sitting on a treasure trove of parallel hardware in their existing systems, but legacy codes are not taking advantage of that parallelism.

It’s frustrating to think that antiquated software is hampering discovery and innovation across the board. This is one of the driving reasons why Intel launched the Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC) program last October with an initial five collaborators and an open call for additional collaborators. The response to our open call was outstanding with compelling high quality responses across a wide variety of geographies and domains. As a result, there are now thirty IPCCs worldwide, many of them have already announced their participation, and most of them are currently listed on our program website. The program seems to have hit a sweet spot. While industry and academia have well-understood methods for funding research and hardware purchases, methods for funding software modernization are limited. When it does get funded, the money is well spent. Scientists, researchers, and engineers using faster software accelerates discovery. We’re now looking for more collaborators to join us in modernizing and delivering open, portable, and scalable applications that provide the greatest long-term return on investment for multiple industries and markets.

The message here is pretty simple; Don’t get left behind. By applying for the IPCC program, your institution can fund the code modernization that will lead to new discoveries.

Read the Full Story and Download the RFP.