Video: Rob Farber Teaches Killer App Fundamentals at GTC 2014

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In this video from GTC 2014, Rob Farber from Tech Enablement presents: Killer-App Fundamentals: Massively-Parallel Data Structures, Performance to 13 PF/s, Portability, Transparency, and More.

Discover killer-app fundamentals including how to tame dynamic parallelism with a robust-performance parallel stack that allows both host and device side fast memory allocation and transparent data transfer of arbitrarily complex data structures and general C++ classes. A low-wait approach (related to wait-free methods)is used to create a performance robust parallel counter. You definitely want to use this counter for histograms! New results extending machine learning and big data analysis to 13 PF/s average sustained performance using 16,384 GPUs in the ORNL Titan supercomputer will be presented. General programming approaches for graph algorithms and identifying 100x speedups in algorithms like Kriging interpolation will be discussed. Both portability to — and performance comparisons against — other architectures such as Intel Xeon Phi will also be covered. Specific examples of this technology for social media analysis and brain research will be highlighted.”


Download the Slides (PDF)