Webinar: Pushing the Performance Limit of Virtual Wind Tunnels

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Cray Altair

Why a Virtual Wind Tunnel?

External aerodynamics analysis plays a key role in modern automotive design. But while performance can be tested in physical wind tunnels, doing so is extremely costly — and often numerous test runs are required to determine the changes needed to improve results.  Virtual wind tunnel simulations provide an alternative by allowing design engineers to study aerodynamic loads – reducing the need for physical wind tunnel testing.

Live Webinar: Cray and Altair Solutions

In this webinar, Altair and Cray will describe an advanced and high-performance virtual wind tunnel solution complete with recommended configurations based on system size. The speakers will present the latest performance and scalability testing results from Altair’s HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel software running on Cray XC30 systems, using both small and large (1 billion element) models. The speakers will discuss details of the performance testing and recommended hardware configurations, including both smaller hundred-core clusters and larger thousand-core supercomputers.

Virtual Wind Tunnel imageExperts will be also available to answer audience questions and advise on how to optimize your own environment to achieve faster turnaround times for external aerodynamic simulations.

Why attend?

  • Check out the newest virtual wind tunnel solution powered by Altair’s CFD solver AcuSolve for streamlined experience and more accurate simulation results
  • See the latest scalability results on Cray systems from 200–3200+ cores
  • Get tips for choosing the right hardware for different usage scenarios, to get the best performance from your software
  • Get your detailed questions answered by hardware and software experts

Topics include:

  • Design challenges in external aerodynamics
  • Achieving fast, accurate transient and steady state virtual wind tunnel simulation results
  • Cray-Altair benchmark testing, results and recommendations
    • 2 models tested: Smaller (22 million element) and larger (1 billion element)
    • Scalability tested up to 3200+ cores
    • Recommended configurations presented for both Cray XC30 and CS300 systems
  • Q&A with the experts from Altair and Cray


  • Stephen Behling, Performance Engineer, Cray
  • Marc Ratzel, Director of CFD Solutions, Altair
  • Yaser Khalighi, Senior CFD Development, Altair

Who should attend:

  • Product engineers and designers: Understand the potential design benefits of HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel
  • Product development managers and directors: Find out how to leverage virtual wind tunnels to get products to market faster — and more affordable
  • IT and HPC resource managers: Learn the right system configurations to get the best performance and faster turnaround times

Watch this webinar now.