Georgia Tech is Now an Intel Parallel Computing Center

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Georgia TechThe Georgia Institute of Technology is now the latest Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC). As part of the program, Intel will provide Georgia Tech with funding and resources to better take advantage of Intel-based high-performance computing systems and speed scientific discovery.

This gives us formal access to their expertise on Intel hardware. We have connections with Intel already, but this really puts a lot of grease into the system,” said Edmond Chow, associate professor of Georgia Tech’s School of Computational Science and Engineering and principal investigator of the new IPCC. “It facilitates collaboration, gets us access to new hardware that’s not available on the market yet and gives us a leg up on the research we are doing.”

Georgia Tech’s IPCC will develop new parallel algorithms and software for biomolecular simulation and quantum chemistry. Georgia Tech will also develop curriculum to train and provide computer science students and researchers the skills they need to fully take advantage of parallel computing.

In this video, Bob Burroughs describes how the Intel Parallel Compute Center program works.

In related news, Intel recently issued a new RFP in an effort to greatly expand the number of Intel Parallel Computing Centers worldwide.