Looking Forward: The Intel Parallel Universe at ISC’14

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bernhardtOver at The Data Stack, Mike Bernhardt from Intel writes that the company will continue to demonstrate an “unswerving commitment to HPC” at next week’s International Supercomputing Conference.

Led by Intel Vice Presidents Raj Hazra and Charles Wuischpard, the Intel HPC team seems to be supercharged – knocking down wins, talking about accomplishments with Xeon Phi, dealing with an overwhelming interest in the True Scale fabric, putting early deals in place for Knights Landing, and working with a growing number of Intel Parallel Computing Centers, leading an unprecedented campaign for Code Modernization. ISC’14 should be highly educational and quite entertaining. If you want to keep up with where HPC is going, be sure to catch as many of the Intel presentations as you can fit into your calendar. They’ll be pretty hard to miss.

Intel sessions at ISC’14 include:

  • ISC Vendor Showdown. Monday, June 23 at 13:00, Intel Vice President Charles Wuischpard will represent the Intel team at the ISC Vendor Showdown.
  • Intel Special SessionAccelerating Insights in the Technical Computing Transformation takes place on Monday, June 23 at 6:15 pm. In this presentation, Raj Hazra will explore upcoming innovations from Intel that take aim at some of the key challenges and ecosystem collaborations needed to ensure Technical Computing as an ongoing tool for discovery and innovation.

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