NICS Student Cluster Team Already Gearing up for SC14

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Over at NICS, Scott Gibson writes that the National Institute for Computational Sciences is again sponsoring and mentoring a Student Cluster Competition team for SC14. The students have begun their months-long training with mentors Dr. Vincent Betro of the Scientific Computing group and Paul Peltz of Operations at NICS leading up to the event in New Orleans, Nov. 16–21.

Students are very excited about this competition since it provides them with an opportunity to work with cutting-edge hardware and software as well as round out their HPC education far beyond what is offered at the undergraduate level in coursework,” Betro says.


Betro and Peltz selected the students based on their strengths and interests in different HPC areas, such as operating systems, compiling, hardware, and visualization, to build a well-rounded team. Each team member will be responsible for learning and taking the lead in different areas of the competition, including application development, cluster administration, and application visualization. And while each student has an area of expertise, he will also be involved in all aspects of preparation during the months ahead to respond with maximal effect during the competition.

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