Panasas Rolls Out ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0

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panasas2Today Panasas rolled out their new ActiveStor 16 hybrid storage appliance with the PanFS 6.0 storage operating system. Designed to reset the bar for reliability and availability for high-performance storage and big data workloads, the combined solution uses RAID 6+ triple parity protection to achieve a 150x increase in reliability over dual-parity approaches while minimizing drive rebuild times.

With big data workloads pulling high performance computing into the mainstream of the enterprise, customers’ expectations for reliability and availability have increased at a time when traditional data protection has reached its limits,” said Steve Conway, research vice president, IDC. “The developments in Panasas ActiveStor 16 and PanFS 6.0 show timely industry leadership in addressing this growing concern and tackling the challenges of reliability and availability at scale.”

The hybrid ActiveStor 16 system blends cost efficient disk-based storage with additional flash capacity and metadata performance, making the platform an optimal choice for PanFS 6.0 with RAID 6+ data protection. Depending on configuration, ActiveStor 16 ships with up to 122.4 TB of capacity per 4U enclosure, providing more than 1.2 PB per rack. In production, ActiveStor 16 will achieve up to 150 GB per second data throughput with capacity that scales beyond 12 PB in a single file system. Manageability is simple and initial systems can be deployed in less than 10 minutes.