Tandy Supercomputer Speeds Computation with Spectra’s Transparent File Storage

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Today Spectra Logic announced that the Tandy Supercomputing Center has deployed a Spectra nTier Verde disk-based file storage system to increase workflow performance. By moving lower-priority, lower-performance operations from a primary storage tier to more affordable high-capacity file storage system, Spectra’s solution enabled TSC to seamlessly boost data access speeds for multiple users.

In an unpredictable HPC environment with multiple users from a variety of institutions and disciplines, storage has been one of our biggest IT challenges. We needed the tools to react to the evolving needs of our users, quickly and flexibly,” said George Louthan, director, Tandy Supercomputing Center. “The nTier Verde/T50e combination is ideally suited to our shared environment and supports our data staging, backup and archive needs more flexibly and affordably than the market alternatives.”

The recently implemented Spectra storage solution may already be saving both time and lives. A post-doctoral research associate at OSU Center for Health Sciences used the supercomputer to refine a software technology developed to predict the onset of heart attacks. Computational time was reduced by more than 95 percent. Computations that previously took 20 to 30 minutes were finished in less than a minute, and this data is securely stored within TSC’s Spectra Logic storage solution.

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