Univa Grid Engine Powers CPU 24/7 Resource Area Solution

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univa logoToday at ISC’14, Univa announced a collaboration and technical partnership with CPU 24/7, a German IT service provider with a focus on mechanical engineering focus.

Our dynamic HPC cluster portfolio, ‘Resource Area,’ covers short-term, on-demand processing power requirements,” said Alexander Heine, COO, CPU 24/7. “We recognize that Univa provides the only commercial application for Grid Engine and has developed an entire solution suite that complements our business objectives including modules such as UniCloud and License Orchestrator. We want to provide our customers with a seamless and transparent way to maximize computing resources, detect redundancies, and make it easier to control jobs in queue.”

In addition to providing a seamless integration of Univa’s solutions for their customers, CPU 24/7 also uses the Univa Grid Engine software internally to manage its own projects.

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