Unleashing the power of high performance technical computing

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High performance technical computing continues to transform the capabilities of organizations across a range of industries—helping them to tackle unprecedented big data analysis, generate competitive business advantage, and expand the limits of science and medicine. To keep pushing those boundaries, organizations are continually seeking ways to get more out of their technical computing systems. Faced with limited resources, many are looking to better manage tasks and avoid the need to continually purchase new systems as demand increases. Others want to reduce compute times, free up capacity or increase energy efficiency to cut costs and meet sustainability goals. In this whitepaper from IBM, you learn how organizations in research, manufacturing, life sciences, financial services and banking are using IBM solutions to improve business results.ibm

As you take on more workloads, process more data and align your research to the needs of you organization – it will be critical to see what some of the HPC tools are and how they can help. Data is becoming even more critical and your ability to quantify and process this information quickly is extremely important. The amazing part about the HPC community is the diversity in deployments.

The case-studies include:

  • Hartree Centre
  • University of East Anglia
  • Swift Engineering
  • Red Bull Racing
  • A*CRC
  • Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • International Financial Services Company
  • Major Wall Street Firm

Whether it’s the Human Genome Project or aerodynamics testing for race cars, these stories demonstrate exciting and effective ways to unleash the power of high-performance technical computing. Remember, as you design your HPC platform – it’ll be critical to align to your organizational requirements and what your compute model can provide as far as reliability and performance.

Download this whitepaper today to see some real-world examples showing how organizations around the world are using IBM Platform Computing solutions to achieve more. Click Here.