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Archives for July 2014

Cray CS300-LC Cluster: Why Warm Water is the New “Cool”

With the rise of manycore processors, double-dense blade form factors, and wider and deeper cabinets, the size and density of HPC systems have grown more than 300 percent since 1999. This high density of “heat offenders” requires a much-more efficient method of temperature control than is possible with air cooling. And while liquid cooling is generally more efficient, not all liquid alternatives are created equal.

Video: Dynamical Star-Forming Gas Interaction Witnessed by ALMA

This video from the Alma telescope shows a computer simulation of multiple star formation in turbulence. Powered by Fujitsu, the purpose-built Atacama Compact Array (ACA) Correlator supercomputer system process images from the array, which was constructed on the Chajnantor plateau at 5,000 metres altitude, near Llano de Chajnantor Observatory in Chile.

It’s Raining HPC – How Supercomputing is Shaping Weather Forecasts

“Supercomputing has also ushered in the era of the personalized, mobile forecast. In 2006, IBM announced a supercomputer that could provide a forecast within one kilometer of its source. Eight years later,’s mobile app tells us the exact forecast for our town.”

Speakers Announced for FLOW-3D Users Conference

Today Flow Science announced the speakers for its 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference. The event will be held September 9-10 in Toronto.

Budget Pressures Squeeze SC14 Broader Engagement

The SC14 Broader Engagement Program is designed to increase the participation of individuals who have been traditionally under-represented in HPC. And while the BE program received 153 applications this year, the budget will only allow for 61 participants to attend SC14 in New Orleans. This number is down significantly from 2011, when some 150 participants were able to travel to the conference.

XSEDE Announces Compatible Basic Cluster Software

Today XSEDE and Indiana University announced the XSEDE Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) software suite

New Paper: Toward Exascale Resilience – 2014 update

The all-new Journal of Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations has published published a new paper entitled: Toward Exascale Resilience – 2014 Update. Written by Franck Cappello, Al Geist, William Gropp, Sanjay Kale, Bill Kramer, and Marc Snir, the paper surveys what the community has learned in the past five years and summarizes the research problems still considered critical by the HPC community.

STORM Insights Looks at the HPC Market

In this video, Adrian Bowles from STORM Insights discusses the TOP500 in terms of market share and other trends in the high performance computing market. “STORM Insights, Inc is an emerging technology market intelligence firm, providing services for tech buyers, sellers, investors and analysts.”

Altair To Acquire Visual Solutions, Makers of VisSim

Altair has announced plans to acquire Visual Solutions, Inc., makers of VisSim, an innovative visual language for mathematical modeling, simulation, and model-based embedded system development.

IBM Offers World Community Grid to Sustainability Scientists

Today IBM announced that the company will provide eligible scientists studying climate change-related issues with free access to dedicated virtual supercomputing in support of the White House Climate Data Initiative.