BAE Tackles Complex Physics with Allinea Software Tools

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BAEThe software team at the BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) has adopted the Allinea MAP scalable performance profiler to help them speed up their applications.

High Performance Computing is vitally important to ATC, whose cutting-edge software helps it to produce competitive products for today and the future. They are responsible for identifying and developing technology for BAE Systems, with the development team aiming at coding for larger clusters and GPGPU (general purpose graphics processing unit) platforms.

We have access to the whole suite of Allinea tools to help us to achieve our mission and can rely on them when we need them most,” said Pierre Moinier, Group Leader for Integrated Modeling Technologies at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre. “Whether for modeling and simulation of computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics or the other complex algorithms used in development of the company’s maritime and air platforms, the coding is supported by Allinea Software’s debugging and profiling products.”

Allinea MAP makes performance problems in parallel applications clear and shows where software should be optimized. It shares the same easy-to-use interface and look and feel as Allinea DDT, so the developers are familiar with the tool immediately.

BAE Systems ATC stretches the reach of modeling, simulation and image processing software to provide the company with the confidence to innovate in its key products,” said David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software. “Achieving performance and accuracy at ever increasing detail and scale is a complex software development challenge, but one that Allinea Software’s tools are designed for – and we are excited to be helping them succeed.”

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