Cray CS300-LC Cluster: Why Warm Water is the New “Cool”

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Cray CS300Did you know that cooling can account for nearly half the energy cost or running an HPC  system?

Datacenter managers are always looking for more efficient cooling systems and lower operating costs. To meet this need, liquid cooling has become the preference for future HPC systems and warm-water cooling is seen as an effective alternative to the chilled-liquid approach.

Would you like to know more? IDC and Cray’s timely white paper on warm-water cooling is now available for download on the insideHPC White Paper Library.

With the rise of manycore processors, double-dense blade form factors, and wider and deeper cabinets, the size and density of HPC systems have grown more than 300 percent since 1999. This high density of “heat offenders” requires a much-more efficient method of temperature control than is possible with air cooling. And while liquid cooling is generally more efficient, not all liquid alternatives are created equal.

Enter Warm-water cooling, an effective and less costly alternative that is changing the way the way that the industry looks at liquid cooling.

The Cray CS300 cluster’s innovative warm water cooling system reduces cost and saves energy by eliminating the need for expensive, power-hungry chillers. Learn how Mississippi State University recently deployed a CS300-LC system that uses only one tenth the power of a traditional CRAC unit to cool the same heat load. 

Download the white paper here.


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