Docker for HPC: Multiple Information Layers for Cluster Management

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In this video from ISC’14, Christian Kniep from Bull presents: Understand Your Cluster by Overlaying Multiple Information Layers. Kniep is using Docker technology in a novel way to ease the administration of InfiniBand networks.

Today’s data center managers are burdened by a lack of aligned information of multiple layers. Work-flow events like ‘job XYZ starts’ aligned with performance metrics and events extracted from log facilities are low-hanging fruit that is on the edge to become use-able due to open-source software like Graphite, StatsD, logstash and alike. This talk aims to show off the benefits of merging multiple layers of information within an InfiniBand cluster by using use-cases for system operation and management level personal. Mr. Kniep held two BoF sessions which described the lack of InfiniBand (ISC’12) and generic HPC monitoring (ISC’13). This years’ session aims to propose a way to fix it. To drill into the issue, Mr. Kniep uses his recently started project QNIBTerminal to spin up a complete clusterstack using LXC containers.”

Details about the motivation for QNIBTerminal and a simple examples use could be found here:

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