IBM Platform Computing Offers Cloud Service

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In this latest addition to the insideHPC white paper library IBM Platform Computing in conjunction with SoftLayer demonstrate their pay as you go cloud services offering.

IBM Cloud ServiceModern HPC environments are tasked supporting more applications and greater amounts of data. These computing platforms are designed around high-density requirements and the ability to process a number of critical parallel workloads at the same time. Life sciences, finance, government and numerous other industries are relying on their HPC clusters for their daily operations. But how can you powerfully scale this type of environment? How can you leverage resources for your HPC environment that are outside of your data center?

This is where technologies like the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service can really help. In this demonstration, we learn how workload managers can intelligently leverage public cloud resources by utilizing SoftLayer technologies. What are some of the benefits?

  • Optimized resource controls
  • Intelligently balance how and where workloads are deployed
  • Better control infrastructure costs
  • Develop an HPC “pay-as-you-go” cloud services model
  • Leverage IBM SoftLayer Cloud Platform technologies to create a dynamic cloud platform

The idea is to create reliability, scalability, and better resource control mechanisms. The workloads running on top of HPC clusters today are only going to become more intense. There is more data passing through workloads and the critical nature of these applications creates even more demand around platform flexibility.

As your HPC clusters expand, it’ll be important to have constant visibility and control over your workloads. IBM Platform Computing Cloud Services, in conjunction with SoftLayer, creates a powerful visibility and control plane allowing you dynamic control over both workloads and resources. Take a look at this demonstration today to see how an organization using IBM Platform Computing workload managers can easily and securely tap resources in the IBM SoftLayer public cloud to handle periods of peak demand and reduce total IT infrastructure costs.