Danish Researchers Archieve World Record 43 Tbps Data Transfer

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Optical fiberOver at the Technical University of Denmark, Lotte Krull writes that the High-Speed Optical Communications team at DTU Fotonik have a world record data transfer rate of 43 Terabits per second. With an appreciable improvement on the previous record of 32 Tbps, the team as team was able to transfer this high bandwidth using a single laser in the transmitter.

The researchers achieved their latest record by using a new type of optical fibre borrowed from the Japanese telecoms giant NTT. This type of fibre contains seven cores (glass threads) instead of the single core used in standard fibres, which makes it possible to transfer even more data. Despite the fact that it comprises seven cores, the new fibre does not take up any more space than the standard version.

The researchers’ record result has been verified and presented in what is known as a ‘post deadline paper’ at the CLEO 2014 international conference.

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