DOE Task Force Releases Recommendations for Exascale Investment

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exascaleA new report on the problems and opportunities that will drive the need for next generation HPC has been released by the Task Force on High Performance Computing of Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. Commissioned by Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, the report includes recommendations as to where the DOE and the NNSA should invest to deliver the next class of leading edge machines by the middle of the next decade.

For the Exascale time frame: A timely commitment to fund and execute a full-scale exascale development program that is an integral extension of the CORAL program is required. The architecture and implementation attributes of CORAL must be viewed as part of a roadmap to exascale, so that investments in programming models, languages and software development made by the CORAL community will be preserved for the future and that new optimized code will be positioned to take advantage of exascale features. Such a commitment will enable systems suppliers to provide to their customers a strategic roadmap that preserves their investments in software and applications; thus providing a predictable roadmap for both technology delivery and suppliers business models. Ideally, CORAL and exascale should be viewed as an integrated, long-term government / industry program.

Download the report (PDF)

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  1. This task force report is a fascinating read. Thanks for posting it, Rich. Definitely a topic we wanted to cover in This Week in HPC:

    Keep your eyes on this space. We’ll have a lot of related things coming out in the next two weeks, including our HPC applications report and a new study in conjunction with the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.