Sponsored Post: Intel Cloud Edition Available for Lustre Software

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lustreWhile bottlenecks come in handy on hot summer days, they are also the sworn enemy of scalable performance. As you look to the usual suspects, HPC cluster performance is often degraded because more and more data and larger files overwhelm limited hard drive capacity. But if you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), such bottlenecks may be a thing of the past.

Intel, in collaboration with AWS, offers a Cloud Edition for Lustre Software that allows customers to use the power of the worlds’ most popular HPC storage system to increase scalability and performance.

The Cloud Edition for Lustre Software is available in a cloud-based Linux environment through AWS. Details are available for download on the insideHPC White Paper Library.

The Intel Cloud Edition is suited for HPC workloads and pay-as-you-go applications. It helps optimize servers for the workloads they support. Users can add, remove, or reconfigure AWS resources to meet workload and budget demands. At the same time, Lustre experts at Intel provide 24/7 support to help you use the software on Amazon Web Services.

So grab the cold one and relax. Let Intel, Lustre, and AWS serve up the performance.

Download the product brief here.