ISC Big Data Conference Offers Early Bird Discount

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iscISC has announced an Early Bird discount for its second annual Big Data conference. The event will offer attendees insights into the latest developments in data-intensive computing from both industry players and researchers.

Our second annual ISC Big Data conference will build on the success of the 2013 event, presenting attendees with the latest developments in data-centric computing from both industry players and researchers. Our conference theme – From Data to Knowledge – reflects the nature of all big data applications, encapsulating the challenges as well as the solutions. ISC Big Data will explore all aspects of that data-to-knowledge path. At center-stage is Hadoop, a rapidly evolving parallel framework for digesting some of the largest datasets in the world. But there are many other software solutions from a growing array of companies offering alternatives to Hadoop. This surge of solutions reflects not only the relative youth of the big data market, but its application diversity as well.

ISC Big Data’14 takes place Oct. 1-2 in Heidelberg, Germany. Register with code pwbmt56a until September 25 to save 15 percent.

Dirk Slama, Bosch Software

Dirk Slama, Bosch Software

In related news, check out our interview with Dirk Slama on the topic of the Internet of Things. Slama is Director of Business Development at Bosch Software. In his ISC Big Data keynote presentation on October 1, Slama will be focusing on how the IoT is enabling new business models and services, stressing particularly on the key success factors and present a framework that he believes will help enable that success.