Penguin Computing Updates Arctica Open Network Switches

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articaToday Penguin Computing announced it’s new line Arctica open network switches. As the first 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Top-of-Rack open switch using an x86 control processor, the Penguin Arctica 4806xp provides a flexible platform for Software Defined Networking and customer defined applications.

The Penguin Arctica 4806xp is the first 10G Trident II-based switch of its kind on our hardware compatibility list,” said Shrijeet Mukherjee, VP Engineering at Cumulus Networks. “This is an important milestone that will further drive choice and flexibility to our joint customers with a 10G switch optimized for scale, network virtualization and x86 application portability.”

Working in partnership with Cumulus Networks, Arctica network switches are delivered with Cumulus Linux as the operating system. Based on Debian, Cumulus Linux presents the user with a complete Linux installation with all of the standard Linux tools available. This approach to managing switches affords system administrators and users a huge leap in the manageability, usability, and programmability of a network switch, offering capabilities beyond those available in more traditional switch software stacks.