Silicon Mechanics Rolls Out Storage Servers and SAS3 JBODs

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2125.160x76.q75.o0This week Silicon Mechanics announced a series of four storage servers featuring end-to-end SAS3, including SAS3 controllers, backplanes, and drives, which allow for up to 12 gigabits per second of throughput per port. Also available are two new SAS3 JBODs.

SAS3 drive controllers that leverage LSI’s DataBolt technology are capable of aggregating the performance of SAS2 drives to provide SAS3 performance even with older drives,” said Sue Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer at Silicon Mechanics. “We are excited to be offering end-to-end SAS3 servers with this high throughput and full compatibility with SAS2.”

The new products are fully backward compatible with SAS2, so customers can seamlessly deploy SAS3 components into existing SAS2 infrastructure. Customers can benefit by getting SAS3 performance benefits now, or “future proof” their systems to obtain the benefits of SAS3 when they upgrade.

The new storage servers contain Seagate Enterprise Capacity HDD 3.5 V.4 hard drives, featuring SAS3 interface and capacities of up to 6TB, as well as LSI SAS3 expander backplanes and drive controllers.