Tech-X Leverages Terascala to Develop Advanced Scientific Apps

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Terascala logoToday Terascala announced that Tech-X Corporation is using a high-performance storage appliance managed by Terascala software to help the company prototype data-intensive scientific applications.

Our compute cluster uses a high-performance storage appliance that is managed by Terascala to serve the on-site development of advanced scientific applications,” explained Anne M. Hammond, director of IT at Tech-X. “For example, these applications may require simulating electromagnetic wave propagation in fusion plasmas. A typical local analysis could involve up to several terabytes of data, which is made possible due to the superior performance delivered by the cluster and Terascala’s TeraOS software.”

Tech-X specializes in developing the latest computational science applications to solve fundamental problems in physics, enabling breakthroughs in research, development, and design. Using cutting-edge computer modeling techniques, advanced visualization, and distributed computing technologies, Tech-X simulations run on hundreds of thousands of processor cores.

Prior to installing the high-performance storage appliance, Tech-X was using a legacy 96 core Linux cluster with gigabit networking and a Network File System (NFS). Large simulation files and limitations of NFS precluded Tech-X from utilizing parallel I/O operations, resulting in slower simulations and lower resolution results.

In contrast, the Terascala managed storage appliance has allowed Tech-X scientists to run fast, detailed simulations. “High resolution simulation results enable our customers to understand physical processes and greatly decrease their production and manufacturing costs,” concluded Hammond.

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