Video: Designing for the Future-GPU Solutions

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Tau Leng, VP / GM of HPC at Supermicro

Tau Leng, VP / GM of HPC at Supermicro

In this video from GTC Japan 2014, Tau Leng from Supermicro presents: Designing for the Future-GPU Solutions.

As Hybrid Computing platforms (processor / co-processor) find more mainstream application beyond the exclusive realms of Supercomputing and HPC, designing solutions that meet exact requirements without compromising performance, budgets and the environment become a critical challenge. To maximize performance, density and energy efficiency, the best practice is to designing with the widest selection of server, storage and networking building blocks optimized for the full range of NVIDIA GPU products. Supermicro has the most extensive set of solutions that have been successfully deployed across real world applications from the # 1 2014 Green 500-KFC TSUBAME Supercomputer to GRID VDI, Real-time Visualization and Cloud Gaming. Designing Platforms based on Industry Standards, optimized cooling and leading edge technologies will protect long term investments and maintain solutions that can scale into the future.


Download the Slides (PDF)