Video: Wolfgang Gentzsch on Moving HPC Applications to the Cloud

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In this video from the TeraTec Forum, Wolfgang Gentzsch from the UberCloud describes how the “HPC Experiment” provides a free, community driven effort that explores the end-to-end processes of accessing and using remote computing resources in High Performance Computing centers and technical computing clouds, on demand.

Participants of the experiment get hands on experience on using remote computing resources for their own projects; in the process learning how to cope with the challenges and resolving many of the common roadblocks. The project teams working on the end-users applications discuss their experience, the hurdles they ran into, their lessons learned, and the best practices, on the UberCloud community web site. The UberCloud Experiment was started in July 2012, and since then has grown to over 1500 organizations and individuals from more than 70 countries. More than 150 teams have been formed since then and many of these teams are covered on the UberCloud community web site. UberCloud Experiment offers free trials for up to 1,000 CPU core hours. We have the experience of having handled over 150 such projects.

In related news, you can check out interview with Wolfgang Gentzsch about the upcoming ISC Cloud’14 Conference.

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