10 Ways IBM Platform Computing Can Save You Money

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You’ve got some serious numbers to crunch and results to produce. You’re a researcher or data designer who is constantly facing competition and time-to-results pressures. Here’s the reality – Whether in education or life sciences, aerospace or oil and gas, your organization needs to innovate faster than ever—at less cost. Yet there is little room for getting it wrong. Deploying a cluster, grid and high-performance computing (HPC) cloud management software can help transform your environment to deliver results better, faster and at less expense. In this eBook from IBM – you’ll learn how the IBM Platform Computing products are designed to save money by making an organization’s existing infrastructure work better, enabling you to:

  • Share infrastructure and run applications more efficiently
  • Harvest idle compute cycles within your organization
  • Accelerate application development and deployment
  • Boost performance by avoiding unnecessary replication of data
  • Improve availability and ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) are met

IBM TC CloudHere’s the cool part – Platform Computing products also save organizations money by reducing a variety of direct costs associated with grid and cluster computing. Your organization can slow the rate of infrastructure growth and reduce the costs of management, support, personnel and training—while also avoiding hidden or unexpected costs.

Download this eBook today to learn the top 10 ways that IBM platform computing can save you quite a bit of money. Not just that, this computing model is directly designed for organizations running high-performance analytics and technical computing grids as well as clusters. Top ten tips include:

  • Running applications more efficiently
  • Sharing infrastructure more efficiently
  • Harvesting idle compute cycles
  • Accelerating application development and deployment
  • Avoiding redundant replication of data
  • Improving availability and ensuring SLAs are met
  • Slowing the rate of infrastructure growth
  • Reducing management and personnel costs
  • Decreasing training and support costs
  • Avoiding hidden or unexpected costs

IBM Platform Computing solutions are designed to help organizations reduce costs in a number of ways—whether maximizing the use of assets to avoid new capital acquisitions, or simplifying the environment to reduce a wide variety of operating costs. Remember, cloud computing plays a big part here as well. Services running on a cloud environment, like SoftLayer Cloud, can greatly benefit from a powerful grid and high-performance computing (HPC) environment like IBM Platform Computing.

Ultimately – when you put it all together – you have the powerful capability to turn your research and ideas into reality. With intelligent resource sharing across multiple clusters or grids, and automated workload, resource and process management, Platform Computing software helps companies quickly and efficiently bring products to market. IBM Platform Computing software is optimized for compute and data-intensive workloads, helping to turn research and ideas into reality in fields ranging from education and life sciences to aerospace and petroleum.

Download this e-book form the insideHPC White Paper Library.