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Detailed Specs on Intel’s new Haswell EP Processors

The Microway Blog has a new post detailing the specifications of the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 “Haswell-EP” Processors.

The Xeon E5-2600v3 processors introduce the highest performance available to date in a socketed CPU. For the first time, a single CPU is capable of more than half a TeraFLOPS (500 GFLOPS). This is made possible through the use of AVX2 with FMA3 instructions. The plot below compares the peak performance of these CPUs with and without FMA instructions:


As Intel’s mid-range platform, the Haswell-EP processors are the workhorse of the Xeon family, handling everything from heavily virtualized workloads to bare metal HPC applications. Read the Full Story.

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