Finnish Sisu Supercomputer Goes Petascale with Haswell E5 Processors

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sisuCSC in Finland reports that their flagship supercomputer, Sisu, has been upgraded with the newly announced Intel Xeon E5 Haswell server processors. Now four times its original configuration, the Cray XC30 system is estimated to be the fastest supercomputer in the Nordics with its theoretical peak performance 1.7 Petaflops.

This upgrade really demonstrates the good collaboration and skills of the specialists of all the parties involved. Thanks to this we are able to provide the researchers with access to this cutting-edge processor technology, literally from day one of its release”, says development manager Olli-Pekka Lehto from CSC. “The new processors are also over twice as energy-efficient. At this scale the annual power costs, and savings are hundreds of thousands of euros”, Lehto continues.

The Sisu supercomputer will be used for climate research, astrophysics, nanotechnology, material science, bio-science, fusion energy and renewable energy research.

With Sisu the Finnish researchers have now world-class computing capacity needed for reaching scientific breakthroughs. It will increase the competitiveness of our computational science and enable increased accuracy in simulations. It also demonstrates the Finland´s target to be one of the leading countries in providing high-end computing capacity and related expertise for stimulating research”, says Managing Director Kimmo Koski from CSC.

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